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Image : The NHL has completely ruined the Panthers’ jersey for the final.
Ark. Ark, and more ark.

That’s exactly what I said when I saw the Panthers’ jersey for the Stanley Cup Final. The vest remains the same in terms of logo and colors…

But as they usually do every year, the NHL has put a “patch” on their jerseys to highlight their presence at the Grand Final…

The problem?

The “patch” is on the right-hand side of the jersey (if you look at it from the front), right next to the captain’s and assistant captain’s letters.

The result is really, really ugly. Without further ado :

We read in an article in The Hockey News that the “patch” in question is on the right side on Panthers jerseys because the left side is designated for jersey advertising logos.

That said… It’s so ridiculous that some fans wondered if it was a prank.

For a long time, I was one of those who hated seeing ads on jerseys and helmets. I got used to it over time.

But now…

Even if it’s not a commercial ad, let’s just say I have a hard time with the one above.

It’s just plain ugly… And it spoils the beauty of the Panthers jersey.

However, while doing some research on sports sales sites, I did see other vests with the patch on the right side, i.e. the left side. Here’s hoping that’s the version the league wants to use, and not the one pictured above.

Because it’s hard.

In brief

– Minor transaction in the NHL.

– Max Domi would like to stay in Dallas.

– Great interview with the Canadiens’ goaltender, who opened up about Canada’s run at the World Championship.

– It’s all to his credit.

– I’m skeptical about all this.

– I raise my Shapo to him. Okay, I admit it’s not my best.

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