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Don’t take for granted that Sheldon Keefe will automatically be fired.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are on the verge of appointing Brad Treliving as GM. At least, that’s the game plan at the moment, but we know that things can change quickly in Toronto. Very quickly, in fact.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not convinced he’s the right choice. His track record isn’t great, and let’s just say he doesn’t hit for 1,000 in his management of star players.

He’s got a big challenge ahead of him, and he’s never managed to get to the next level in Calgary. Yet that’s precisely the mandate he’ll be given if he does indeed take over the job from a freewheeling Brendan Shanahan.

I wonder why he’d be the Leafs’ choice, but hey. Let’s give him a chance.

All of which is to say that the hiring of a GM is important in Toronto, as he will soon have an important file on the table: that of deciding on the future of coach Sheldon Keefe.

The latter must be anxious to know where he stands.

What’s important to know is that, at this point, teams normally already have an idea of what they’re going to do behind the bench. They know whether a change will take place, and if so, who the candidates are to take over the bench.

In Washington and Nashville, where the process took place behind the scenes, a coach is already in place.

In New York, Columbus, Calgary and Anaheim, the process is underway. Calgary and Anaheim are not close to a decision, but they have set the process in motion.

Out of respect for Keefe and so that Toronto has a chance of getting a good coach if there is to be a change, a decision will have to be made soon. And according to Elliotte Friedman(32 Thoughts Podcast), don’t be too quick to assume that Keefe will leave.

The insider says that the new GM (who is likely to be Treliving, as you know) will take the time to properly evaluate the coach. If he feels he can’t do better, he’ll keep him.

And the feeling in the industry is that there’s a good chance he’ll stay on.

All this makes me think that it’s been a long time since there’s been a process like this in Montreal. After all, the last three changes (Michel Therrien giving way to Claude Julien, Dominique Ducharme and Martin St-Louis) took place during the season.

And in all three cases, one man in particular was targeted.

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