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Cole Caufield: don’t expect a hostile bid
The Montreal Canadiens still have time to sign young forward Cole Caufield. But for some time now, there has been a wave of concern about his future.

Why is this?

As I’ve said before, I think it’s simply a question of managing expectations. The fact that everyone thought it was going to be a simple case has changed the situation.

But I’m convinced it’s too early to worry. If he hasn’t signed within a few days of camp, we’ll change our minds.

But right now, aside from not seeing him sign, there’s the aspect of a hostile offer that could be dropped on Pat Brisson’s desk that seems to be scaring fans.

Why would that be? Because… er…

Honestly, I don’t know why it’s scary. After all, yes, there’s a world out there where Caufield is the target of a hostile offer, but that doesn’t keep me awake at night, anyway.

After all, not only does Caufield want to play in Montreal, the Habs want to keep him here.

I truly believe that if a club were to make such an offer, the CH would simply match it. And since the teams know that the CH (which has the salary to do so) wants to keep him, it removes the threat.

That’s my opinion, but it’s also that of Darren Dreger, who talked about the subject on TSN 690 this morning. He also confirmed that Marc Bergeevin has been talking to the Maple Leafs, for those who were wondering.

Honestly, a GM doesn’t want to make a hostile offer knowing he won’t be able to sign the player. Why not? Because a hostile offer leaves its mark on other managers.

Remember that Marc Bergevin didn’t make a hostile offer to Pierre-Luc Dubois in 2020, since Columbus had made room for him. You don’t make an offer unless you have reason to believe it will work.

In reality, about a dozen clubs can afford to sign Caufield at a realistic price. Of the lot? There’s the Carolina Hurricanes, who scare me a little because of the history between the two teams and because the club will have the resources to do it.

But with Marc Bergevin gone and the CH matching the potential offer for Caufield, I’m not buying it. Next file, as far as I’m concerned.

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