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GM position: Marc Bergevin talks to the Maple Leafs
Credit: This man was still the Habs' GM when Gallagher scored his most recent goal.
Since Kyle Dubas was relieved of his duties as GM of the Maple Leafs, the race for the position has been the talk of the town. Brendan Shanahan has openly stated that he prefers to look for an experienced GM, and inevitably, some names come up more often than others.

Brad Treliving seems to be the favourite at the moment, but we all agree that things have time to change.

That said, another name that’s coming up is Marc Bergevin. After all, he has experience in a big market (he spent nearly 10 years in Montreal) and, overall, he doesn’t have a bad track record.

At least, it’s not as bad as that of a guy like Peter Chiarelli, for example.

What we’re learning today is that Bergevin has been talking to the Maple Leafs in recent days. That’s what Elliotte Friedman revealed on the 32 Thoughts Podcast (around 12:45, for those interested).

In fact, according to the informant, the meeting did not take place in person (as was the case for Treliving), but by videoconference. The reason is simple: Friedman explains that Bergevin was on the other side of the ocean (perhaps attending the World Championship?), so it was the easiest way to communicate with him.

Would he have had a face-to-face interview (which is often a good sign for a candidate’s chances) if he’d been on North American soil? The question arises.

Friedman also notes that, in addition to Treliving and Bergevin, the Maple Leafs have spoken to former Sharks GM Doug Wilson. According to Friedman, there’s also another candidate who’s had a face-to-face interview (but he doesn’t know who it is), and he’s convinced that unknown candidates are part of the process.

That said, in Bergevin’s case, we suspected he would be considered. He seems to have the right profile for the job, and his name has been circulating around town for the past ten days.

More so than Patrick Roy, at least.

All along, I’ve had the impression that Brad Treliving is the clear favorite in the race. Now, in that same race, Bergevin has already had an interview, and clearly, he seems to be one to take seriously.

It remains to be seen whether Brendan Shanahan will see him as the right man to lead the Maple Leafs to the promised land.


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