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André Tourigny believes Patrick Roy will return to the NHL

The name of Patrick Roy, currently at the Memorial Cup with his Remparts, continues to be the talk of the NHL. If there’s one off-season in which we can expect to see Casseau back behind the bench of a Bettman Tour team, it’s this summer.

The stars seem to have finally aligned, almost 7 years after he resigned his position with the Avalanche.

Who knows, he may even already have a job lined up, without being able to make it happen while he’s in the midst of a QMJHL playoff run.

Now, in an interview with Jean-François Chaumont of Le Journal de Montréal, his former assistant, André Tourigny, is of the opinion that we’ll be seeing Patrick Roy in the NHL soon. His answer, although very simple, says it all:

“I think so. I really think so.

-André Tourigny

It has to be said that the Bear has the pulse of the crowd (so to speak) by being directly involved in NHL discussion circles. Without being in the secret of the Gods, his opinion is supported by a feeling that the most common of mortals, including you and me, cannot understand.

Let’s not forget that Roy’s name has been linked to the Blue Jackets today.

In the JdeM article , available HERE, Tourigny also talks about the impact the former #33 had on him as a coach and as a human being, praising his qualities as a head coach, despite the lack of results in Colorado.


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