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Coach: Some very interesting names in Columbus, including Patrick Roy (again)

The Columbus Blue Jackets are one of several NHL clubs currently looking for a new head coach. And, according to Elliotte Friedman’s latest information, there are some pretty interesting names in the running for the vacant position in Ohio.

In the most recent episode of his (excellent) 32 Thought podcast, the Sportsnet tipster spoke in connection with Mike Babcock, Peter Laviolette, Pascal Vincent, Kirk Muller, Travis Green, Andrew Brunette… And Patrick Roy.

This isn’t the first time Roy’s name has been linked to the Blue Jackets in recent weeks. And when you hear Elliotte Friedman say he believes the Remparts pilot has indeed had discussions with the team, you’d think they’d be genuinely interested in him.

Seeing that Roy’s name and that of the Blue Jackets are (again) linked in the same sentence leads me to believe that this is more than just a rumour.

But then again, it seems that in Columbus, there’s still a lot to sort out before we come to a final decision.

We know how much Patrick Roy likes working with youngsters, and how good he is at it. That’s why some people liked the idea of him coming to Ottawa, to a club full of promising young players.

The same situation applies to the Blue Jackets, who have entered a “rebuilding” phase after trading away the team’s major pieces in recent years.

We agree, however, that this looks more like a “reset” than anything else, because in reality, the team still has talented players in its line-up who are capable of making a difference. I’m thinking in particular of Johnny Gaudreau, Patrik Laine and Zach Werenski.

And that’s without mentioning the fact that the team holds the third overall pick in the upcoming draft.

But hey. The fact remains: the team isn’t old, and there’s still work to be done before it’s truly competitive. That’s where Patrick Roy’s name comes into the discussion, and that’s where it gets interesting, because we all know his style behind the bench.

I don’t necessarily think we should expect an announcement from Columbus any time soon, because if Roy is really still in the running, he won’t be negotiating his contract while his current club (the Remparts) is doing well at the Memorial Cup.

On the other hand, it could happen quickly if the Blue Jackets decide to look elsewhere. Especially with the draft (June 27-28) coming up faster than most people think.

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