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Marc Bergevin’s name circulates more in Toronto than Patrick Roy’s
In recent weeks, the Calgary Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins have been talking to Marc Bergevin about the vacant GM position. The Flames have appointed someone else and the Penguins seem to be going in a different direction. #KyleDubas

If Bergevin wants to return as GM this year, he has one choice: Toronto. But for that to happen, Brendan Shanahan has to want it.

We know that his name has been circulating in the Queen City, according to well-placed people, but do the Maple Leafs really want to give him the job? Is he really being considered?

It’s hard to say at the moment.

Brad Treliving ‘s name is popular in Ontario at the moment (for better or worse), but it’s fair to ask whether Bergevin, who led the Habs to the 2021 finals, shouldn’t be considered more than that.

After all, he knows the pressure of such a market, and he understands that once in the playoffs with a good goalie, anything can happen. Yes, we’re referring to the 2023 Panthers.

Since teams often model their roster after the Stanley Cup winner, and Bergevin has always cooked up the recipe currently used by the Panthers (who are in the finals), this could work in his favor.

At the very least, he deserves an interview.

It’s normal for his name to be circulating right now for the reasons I’ve just given. But from a Quebec perspective, we have to ask ourselves if he’s the only Franco worth talking about over there.

Does Patrick Roy deserve his chance? That’s the sub-question.

In an interview on the subject with La Dose podcast, Cindy Caron, who follows the Maple Leafs’ activities in Toronto, stated that Patrick Roy’s name isn’t currently circulating over there.

The only French name we hear is Bergevin.

We know that Roy, who recently changed agents, is looking to return to the NHL. He’s always been open to being a GM or a coach, but right now he seems to be seen as a coach.

That’s probably why his name isn’t circulating in Toronto. The day the Leafs have a GM, then we’ll see if there’s a change.

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