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Kaiden Guhle and Josh Anderson spend the summer in Montreal (as does Nick Suzuki)
As you may know, last summer Nick Suzuki chose to spend the summer in Montreal. The man who was offered the title of captain during the summer made the most of the city.

Summer is not like winter.

This year, as announced in recent weeks, he has made the same decision. So it’s only natural to see him, once in a while, giving interviews to a Montreal journalist.

Simon-Olivier Lorange of La Presse spoke to the player recently.

During the interview, we learn that he’s currently training in Montreal with some of his Canadiens teammates. Because yes, some of them are currently in town.

David Savard and Jake Allen are still around. However, they’ll be heading to Quebec City and Fredericton when school’s out. They’re among the fathers with school-age children.

But there’s also Josh Anderson and Kaiden Guhle. And they’re not here because of their children: they’re here because they’ve decided to spend the off-season here.

We’ve also learned that some young players will be joining them in the coming weeks. I wonder if Logan Mailloux, who spent the summer of 2022 in Montreal, will do the same this year too.

It’s good for team spirit. Having the captain with the youngsters makes for an easier transition.

Kent Hughes has also asked several players to attend next month’s draft in Nashville. Suzuki should be there… and Guhle will be. His brother-in-law Riley Heidt will be drafted soon enough.

But still. If Guhle is there and a few CH players are too, it could help continue to create a corporate culture, which is so important in sports.

If Guhle can stay healthy, it will be nice to see him play next year.

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