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Initiations in junior field hockey: an ugly story of belts and anuses emerges

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about the notorious “initiations” in junior field hockey. Many people have been singled out after horrific stories were made public.

It’s really hit junior field hockey hard.

When you hear stories involving sexual acts or objects being pushed up the urethra or up the buttocks, it’s hard not to be outraged.

And when you hear coaches refusing to rein in veterans because “it builds character”, well, that just adds to the problem. After all, leadership starts at the top.

All this to say that this morning, in La Presse (via the pens of Ariane Lacoursière and Simon-Olivier Lorange), there’s an article about another story of abuse in the QMJHL.

Carl Latulippe, a former first-round pick of the Q, is at the heart of a class-action suit against the QMJHL for what he suffered as a minor during his time in the league.

The former Chicoutimi Saguenéens, Drummondville Voltigeurs and Beauport Harfangs player says that when he played in Chicoutimi, the club’s veterans were violent, intimidating and aggressive towards youngsters. He was repeatedly abused.

Then, once in Drummondville, it was no better. He was also abused, and there was a climate of terror in the team locker rooms.

Mr. Latulippe and other recruits “smeared themselves with shampoo before showering so that their skin would be slippery and the veterans couldn’t grab them in the showers to assault them,” reads the court proceedings. – Article from La Presse

Also in Drummondville, Mr. Latulippe claims to have seen a teammate have a belt inserted into his anus, causing it to tear. At the time, Carl Latulippe was still a rookie.

The following year, he played briefly for Beauport and was not abused.

That said, he later gave up field hockey and developed substance abuse problems as a result of his years in the QMJHL. He doesn’t want to set foot in an arena again, and he doesn’t want to see his son play field hockey.

Unfortunately, we’ve come to realize that this is not an isolated case: the problem affects hundreds of people.

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