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A sign that Cole Caufield is improving physically

For months, when we’ve been talking about Cole Caufield, we’ve been talking about his injury and his contract. After all, it’s impossible to talk about his performance when he’s been injured along the way.

That said, his contract normally takes up more space. But why?

Firstly, because we quickly realized that, barring a major problem, a guy like him has to recover well from his shoulder injury. It’s a relatively risk-free procedure.

But mostly, because he’s fun to play DG.

That said, these days, news about the contract is thin on the ground. The days when we thought his contract would be announced at the conclusion of the regular season are long gone.

Right now, it’s radio silence.

So that leaves more room to talk about his state of health. And the good thing is that the main interested party seems to have given a hint on Instagram yesterday afternoon.

How did he do that? By showing that he can work out.

(Credit: Instagram – Cole Caufield)
As can be seen in his story, Caufield is able to test his right shoulder by playing a racquet sport. This is great news for his rehabilitation process.

After all, seeing him play sport is good for his shoulder, but also for his cardio, which surely ate a hit right after his surgery, which took place this winter.

Note that there’s a world out there where that’s not him in the photo and that’s his brother. That said, I find it hard to believe that he took a photo of his brother and a friend.

And if it’s not him in the photo, I find it hard to believe that he went to the field simply to photograph his friends playing without being able to participate himself. To me, yesterday was a clue that he was at the field to play… and therefore, that his shoulder is fine.

The good thing is that we already know he was getting better.

Almost two months ago, he was already skating in Montreal, which leads us to believe that it’s logical to think that he can now play tennis – especially after seeing such a photo.

I wonder who he played with. Is he a field hockey buddy, a la Alex Turcotte? A la Trevor Zegras, the man who’d been in touch with him a few months ago? I don’t know.

Remember, Caufield still has a few months to go before he’s 100% ready for the Canadiens’ 2023 camp.

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