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Coyotes: Players complain about quality of road trips
Thought the Coyotes had hit rock bottom? Wait until you see what follows.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post wrote in a recent piece that some players have complained to the players’ association about travel and lodging problems. The result?

The Coyotes said they would address the situation this week. So, instead of listening to his players…

The organization decided to wait until the season was over before addressing the problem.

Doesn’t that sound like the Arizona Coyotes?

I don’t even want to imagine how the team’s fans are feeling right now.

After all, it really looks like the organization is laughing at its fans through the many “comical” tweets they’ve made in the last few days.

And on that subject, obviously… They covered themselves in ridicule once again earlier today with a controversial tweet.

In a poll, the team asks if the team should move to Arizona, Arizona, Arizona… Or, Arizona.

No, I didn’t mix up my words. That’s right:

At some point, it’s going to have to stop. In reality, they’re just laughing at everyone right now… And even though I’m not a fan of the team, it makes me really angry.

Like, really angry.

The worst part is… there’s nothing to stop them because you know as well as I do that the league isn’t going to intervene. That’s the sad part, I think.

Because, if we’re really honest, we have to say that this is a huge blot on the image of the National League. The NHL is sending out a message that it doesn’t seem to be taking the whole thing too seriously, even though it’s really all wrong in Arizona.

It’s frustrating for everyone, and it’s not getting any better.

In short

– He’s in familiar territory, obviously.

– Justin Robidas is grateful to his father.

– Beautiful to see, isn’t it?

– I like him a lot. He’d be a great “fit” in Milwaukee.

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