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Buying the Senators: a possible agreement in principle this week

We’ll soon know who the new owners of the Ottawa Senators will be. The race is drawing to a close, even though there could be an agreement in principle this week between the Ottawa organization and one of the groups of buyers who have submitted an offer.

That’s what Postmedia’s Bruce Garrioch reported on his Twitter account early Sunday afternoon.

As Darren Dreger explained in a tweet, this will be a big week for Canadian teams, as both the Flames and Maple Leafs are looking for a new general manager. Garrioch then added that the Senators would also be among the Canadian teams to watch with the deal fast approaching.

Garrioch explained that three of the four offers that have been submitted are competitive. It could therefore take some time for the Senators organization to choose the best candidate and not the best offer, since they are all competitive.

The deadline for submitting bids was May 15.

Among the last four groups, there are some well-known faces, starting of course with Neko Sparks’ group, which includes Snoop Dogg. Other group leaders are Jeffrey and Michael Kimel, Steve Apostolopoulos and Michael Andlauer.

Michael Andlauer is currently a shareholder in the Montreal Canadiens. If he wins the race and makes a deal with the Sens, however, it would not be surprising to see him offload his shares to Montreal.

Apostolopoulos, on the other hand, failed to acquire the Washington Commanders in the NFL as he wanted. Acquiring the Senators would be a good way to redeem himself. The Charlotte Hornets would also be in his sights if things don’t work out in Ottawa.

The problem is that there are still many issues to be resolved in Ottawa. In particular, it will have to be decided whether the new owners want to build a new amphitheatre in downtown Ottawa, or whether two groups want to join forces for a bigger project.

The Senators haven’t made the playoffs since the 2017 Eastern Association Finals, when the team lost in seven games to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Even during that excellent playoff run, the crowd at the Canadian Tire Centre wasn’t huge. Hopefully, the arrival of new owners will help to increase Ottawa residents’ interest in their field hockey team.

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