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Sharks not afraid to draft Matvei Michkov
Matvei Michkov. Matvei Michkov. Matvei Michkov.

Are you tired of hearing this name on everyone’s lips in the field hockey world?

It’s a name that’s everywhere in the NHL right now, and even more so in Montreal.

And why?

Because the Russian player is a top-tier prospect whose talent is coming out of his ears, and who is likely to be available in the top-5 at the next NHL draft.

Remember, the Habs have the fifth overall pick.

The problem is, well, there are several problems with Michkov.

Yes, I know, that’s a lot of times to use the word problem.

I could go through the list of red flags again, but it would take too long.

That’s why the Matvei Michkov debate is currently reverberating in Montreal among fans, analysts and, hopefully, CH senior management in the offices.

To draft or not to draft Michkov, that is the question.

The Russians still strike fear into the hearts of several NHL teams, including those that avoided them in 2022.

Nevertheless, there are also many indications that Michkov is not to be missed, and that it would be a grave mistake to turn our backs on him.

Unfortunately, it’s the CH that’s likely to have the tough decision to make regarding Michkov, given that there are five prospects who really stand out.

Being fifth, if Michkov is available, the CH will have to decide whether to draft the last player with huge potential or draft a prospect from the group in the class below.

This will be a very big decision, but one that could be avoided thanks to the San Jose Sharks.

Sharks GM Mike Grier has already said that he isn’t worried about Matvei Michkov’s KHL contract until 2026.

The Sharks didn’t draft a Russian in the last draft, but that could change with Michkov.

If the Sharks are really interested in Michkov and aren’t afraid to take a chance on him, they could very well select him fourth overall, just ahead of the CH.

Such a selection would take a ton of pressure off the Tricolore, who wouldn’t have to look up to the talented Russian and, by the same token, would avoid the monster reviews and enormous frustration of the Montreal public.

The CH would end up with either Will Smith or Leo Carlsson in such a scenario, which would be incredible.

In short, Mike Grier and the San Jose Sharks could very well do the CH a big favor by selecting Michkov.

It would take a potentially big decision off the shoulders of Kent Hughes and the rest of management.

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