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Connor Bedard opts for a smaller gauge to stay in shape for the draft
In the run-up to the draft on June 28 and 29, the various prospects are trying to continue to impress the various teams in the National Hockey League.

While most of these prospects have completed their respective seasons in their respective leagues, some are trying to show more via other leagues and tournaments.

Leo Carlsson and David Reinbacher(before injury), for example, have accepted their country’s invitation to take part in the world championships currently being held in Finland and Latvia.

However, not all hopefuls currently have the chance to show more to NHL teams.

There’s another top prospect for the next draft who received an invitation, but decided to turn it down, and that’s none other than Connor Bedard.

The first overall pick in the 2023 draft is not currently at the world championships representing Canada.

This is understandable, given that he has nothing left to prove, and would have been a potential injury risk as well.

But Bedard isn’t on vacation just yet.

In fact, last we heard, the future member of the Chicago Blackhawks is playing in a roller field hockey league.

It’s a very competitive league, but that doesn’t stop Bedard from dominating it completely.

In two games, the young generational talent has eight points (four goals and four assists).

One of Bedard’s teammates in this league is Columbus Blue Jackets top prospect Kent Johnson (drafted 5th overall in 2021).

Johnson has one goal and two assists in just one game.

Bedard and Johnson’s team is 0-2 after two games in the NSIHL.

In short, even if Bedard isn’t at the World Championship right now like other prospects in the upcoming draft, that doesn’t mean he’s resting.

He’s keeping in shape for the draft by playing in a lower caliber.

I can’t wait to see him in NHL action next season.

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