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Jordan Harris: his rehabilitation is still not complete

Since the Montreal Canadiens’ season came to an end, and we were treated to the team’s end-of-season review, we haven’t heard much from the team’s various players.

Indeed, the focus is much more on the playoffs and the draft right now.

The news we do have on the players revolves more around speculation, whether it’s about possible trades, or simply Cole Caufield’s contract, for example.

What’s more, we’re no longer getting updates from the CH on the rehabs and rehabs of the various players who were injured during the 2022-2023 campaign.

We remember how horrible that season was in terms of injuries, and also in terms of the information the public was receiving about the prolonged and frequent absences of several players.

In short, at the moment, we don’t really have any news on the evolution of the players’ injuries.

Are they getting better? Have they started skating again? Will they be ready for training camp?

Fortunately, we can sometimes get news from certain players, when they take part in interviews or podcasts.

That’s the case with Jordan Harris, who said he still hadn’t finished his rehab during his appearance on the Le Support Athlétique podcast with Marc-Antoine Godin.

Indeed, Harris explained that he still hadn’t received the green light to start skating again.

“I have to go back to Montreal to get the green light and start skating again, I’m still in rehab right now.” – Jordan Harris

Understandably, the injury suffered by the CH defenseman at the end of the season has still not healed.

In fact, Harris missed the last five games of the season due to injury.

In total, Harris will have missed 17 games this season due to injury, but also due to the surplus of players on the blue line.

In short, we’re hoping that Harris’ rehabilitation will be completed soon, so that he can start skating again in preparation for the 2023-2024 season.

This will be a very important season for Harris, who will be in his second full NHL season.

It could be a big step in his development.

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