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Clayton Keller’s father claims he was hacked

Let’s just say that this story has caused quite a stir, for obvious reasons. Earlier this week, Clayton Keller’s father wrote in a Coyotes publication that his son would not be starting next season with the team, and that several other players would be doing the same.

To put all this in context, let’s not forget that it came on the heels of the announcement that the new amphitheatre project had been rejected by a majority of Arizona citizens.

Obviously, you’ll understand that Bryan Keller had some explaining to do. Craig Morgan, an NHL correspondent in Arizona, contacted him to get his side of the story…

And Mr. Keller maintains that the comments didn’t come from him because his Twitter account was supposedly hacked.


I don’t want to automatically say it’s a lie, but on the other side of the coin…

It was probably the easiest excuse he could have come up with. Some dirty tongues have joked that it was Clayton himself who hacked his father to make his displeasure with the team’s location known, and it’s true that’s pretty comical thank you.

But, seriously, I’m having a bit of trouble believing his words. Then again, it’s easy to put the blame on someone else… And, admittedly, Mr. Keller would have looked pretty crazy if he’d said out loud that it was indeed he who wrote the message in question.

Sometimes, when we’re angry about a situation, it can be difficult to control our emotions… And that’s exactly what I think happened in this case.

We know how much Clayton loves playing in Arizona, and it’s clear that the whole situation surrounding the team’s possible move can be frustrating for him and his family.

Anyway. Again, I don’t want to call Bryan Keller a liar at any cost.

But, let’s just say that the whole story is a bit fishy.

In short

– It shakes!

– He’s having a great series.

– Donovan Bailey joins Snoop Dogg’s group to buy the Sens.

– A thought for Bob Bissonnette.

– Ah, yes.

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