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Teams in the final four: The tax advantage helps a lot, believes André Tourigny
In everyday life, money is an important aspect for many, many people. And this is even truer for the various companies that exist in the world.

After all, if a company doesn’t make cash… it can’t survive in any way, shape or form, unless it has an owner with pockets full of pennies.

Anyway… You know what I mean.

It’s often said that in the NHL, certain teams are affected by the fact that tax rates are different in every city. This, in one way or another, can have an impact on team decisions in the sense that, players make more money where the rate is lower.

This was one of the topics of discussion today on BPM Sports. André Tourigny, current head coach of the Arizona Coyotes, believes that the tax break is a big help to the teams in the final four at the time of writing…

Especially since three of the four clubs still alive in the playoffs are located in “tax-free” states:

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this kind of talk.

After all, it’s obvious that some teams have an advantage here because, as Tourigny explains, these clubs simply have more money to give to players.

To give an example, François Gagnon talks about the fact that Steven Stamkos decided to stay in Tampa Bay even though the Leafs had offered him a lot more money when he was a free agent.

In fact, in Quebec and Ontario, the rate is quite high. We’re talking about $52 and 53% respectively for the two Canadian provinces… Which is huge when you consider thatin Tampa, the rate is 7.5%.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The NHL guys aren’t going to leave money on the table for nothing. It’s only logical.

And there’s a reason why it’s often said that players aren’t inclined to sign in Canada because the tax rate is too high.

We agree… In life, you always want to make decisions that will benefit you. Players think about their families and their future when it’s time to sign a new contract… And, by the same token, it’s logical to see them chasing as much money as possible.

We’d all be doing the same thing.

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