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Coyotes: Twitter poll asks fans where the new amphitheatre should be
Ahhhh, the Arizona Coyotes.

It’s been THE topic of the hour for the past 48 hours. The Coyotes are the laughing stock of the NHL for obvious reasons.

But right now, it looks like they’ve really hit rock bottom.

The organization conducted a poll on its Twitter account to ask ITS OWN FANS where they’d like to see a new arena.

No, this really isn’t a joke. Unfortunately, it is.

It’s so, so haywire.

How can you expect people to take this seriously? That’s the popular question right now on various media platforms.

For now, we know that the team will play at Mullett Arena next season. However, the team is expected to move at some point…

A sports betting site ( puts the probability of the Coyotes moving to Quebec City at 7.7%.

The consensus is that, at the moment, it would be unlikely to see the scenario materialize. Yes, even though François Legault “personally told” Gary Bettman that it would be his dream to see the Nordiques make a return to the NHL.

There are some pretty popular city names these days when it comes to the possible relocation of the Coyotes franchise. Atlanta is one of them…

And, according to Kevin Weekes, discussions will begin shortly on whether the city wants to move forward with the construction of a new amphitheatre.

The entire file is very nebulous.

What we do know, however, is that the Coyotes’ future in Arizona is more uncertain than ever. Yes, there is a world in which the organization finds a way to get a new stadium through an investor of some kind…

But that would seem more like a miracle than anything else.

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