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Habs alumni in the playoffs: Max Domi, Evgenii Dadonov… and others

The Habs haven’t exactly traded many impact players in the past year. It was pretty quiet at the 2023 deadline for Kent Hughes, as we recall.

And what we notice is that even the players traded in 2022 didn’t have a huge impact. Ben Chiarot and Tyler Toffoli didn’t make the playoffs, and Artturi Lehkonen didn’t make it past the first round.

Anyway. All this to say that when you look at what’s happening in the playoffs, you don’t see many former Canadiens players. Whether it’s players Marc Bergevin or Kent Hughes let go, it’s quiet.

There is, however, one player who stands out: Max Domi. With 11 points (three goals) in 13 games, he’s the 17th-highest scorer in the playoffs.

In fact, among the players acquired at the deadline, he is the most productive of the teams still alive at the time of writing. He’s the only one with more than 10 points (11) after two rounds.

The Stars were right to call the Hawks at the deadline, weren’t they?

It’s true that we’ve been hearing Domi’s name a lot since the start of the playoffs, but we shouldn’t forget Evgenii Dadonov either. After all, the man who was traded for Denis Gurianov does just as well – under the circumstances.

He’s often invisible, but he still has nine points (four goals) in 13 games.

That gives him a shot at staying in the NHL, if that’s his goal, but it also makes his bosses look like geniuses for going after him – just like Max Domi.

Will he win the Cup? Who knows… but right now, his chances are good.

Among the other players demnarrating in the playoffs who have already played for the Habs, we note… er… Sebastian Aho? I’m cheating a little because he’s never played for the CH.

Nick Cousins, who scored at the right time in the first round?

In the top-50 playoff scorers, only Domi (17th) and Evgenii Dadonov (39th) are former Canadiens players. That’s not much, let’s face it.

And it’s not as if a former La Flanelle goaltender is a deal-breaker either. So no, there are no real regrets in Montreal right now.

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