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Gabriel Perreault dreams of being drafted by the Canadiens

We all remember Yanic Perreault, the former Canadien. He retired many years ago and now works in Chicago. As a result, he’s moved his little family.

His four children (Jeremy, Liliane, Jacob and Gabriel) are all involved in field hockey. That said, there’s a lot more talk these days about Gabe, who is a top prospect for the upcoming NHL draft.

And with good reason.

After all, the Quebecer, who grew up in Chicago, may not be the tallest and fattest (5’11, 171 lbs.), but the talent is coming out of his ears. After all, in the U.S. Under-18 program, he still racked up 132 points, including 53 goals, in 63 games.

That’s a record, in case you’re wondering.

Even Will Smith, his trio partner, did less well, with “only” 127 points. The same goes for Auston Matthews, who had the record (117 points) back in the day, and Cole Caufield, who had 100 points.

In a nutshell. All this to say that the young man is good. It’s no coincidence that he’s ranked 10th among North American prospects for next month’s auction.

Asked about his future by Jean-François Chaumont (Journal de Montréal), he said (in French, the language he speaks at home) that being drafted by Chicago or Montreal would be a dream for him.

Note that the Hawks will draft 19th (Tampa’s pick) and the CH will draft at least 29th. With a bit of luck, maybe he’ll be available at #19… but the CH shouldn’t be able to draft him.

Unless there’s a surprise at No. 5, but I don’t think so.

Of course, people talk about his frame and raise red flags, but the fact remains that, with the talent he’s got, someone will give him a chance.

And according to his father Yanic, Gabriel is at the right time to have the style of play he advocates.

Field hockey has changed since I was a kid. When I made my professional debut, it was still a time of hooking. There was less room for creativity.

Today, the emphasis is on talent, skill, speed and moving the puck quickly. – Yanic Perreault

Jacob’s brother, the Ducks’ first-round pick in 2020, will play at the Collège next year, in part to build up his strength. In fact, he’ll still be with Will Smith and Ryan Leonard, his two trio mates this season.

I can’t wait to see what kind of season he’ll have… and which NHL organization will be rubbing its hands in it.

In gusto

– That’s right.

– Notable.

– Worth watching.

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