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Coyotes arena in Tempe: Citizens vote NO
Today, the fate of the Arizona Coyotes hung in the balance.

We’re talking about the most important day in the franchise’s history, when it could finally have the hope of having its own amphitheatre in a stable location, thus putting an end to years of litigation in Phoenix and Glendale.

The citizens of Tempe did vote, however, and the NO side dominated the ballots by a ratio of around 56% to 44%.

With so much at stake, the turnout was around 32.55% of the population. By way of comparison, the municipal campaign for mayor of Montreal in 2021 recorded a turnout of just 38%.

Important to mention that even if the YES side had won, the City of Phoenix would still have pursued its ambition to kill the project with a lawsuit that cites an agreement legislating the residential neighborhood’s proximity to Sky Harbor Airport.

What’s next for the Coyotes?

Houston? The league may be keen on this market, but the options are pretty well exhausted. Hard to see the team surviving this news, as of today…

Will this be the end of the Coyotes in Arizona before long?


Here’s a summary of what was at stake for the citizens of Tempe who were called upon to vote in this referendum, to approve or block the project. The city council had unanimously approved it before presenting it to the citizens.

Reasons to vote YES:

  • A new $2.1 billion amphitheatre in Tempe
  • Amphitheatre will keep Coyotes in Arizona
  • Tempe could host major shows
  • 6900 jobs promised
  • 1200 housing units to be built in the heart of the project
  • 215 billion tax credit for the city of Tempe over 30 years
  • The investor group promises that the entire project will be privately financed, with no chance of affecting citizens’ taxes
Reasons for voting NO:

  • Some are not convinced of the guarantee that taxpayers’ money will not be needed to finance the project;
  • The city will assume non-project costs (roads, sewers, etc.) and citizens will end up paying one way or another.
  • Proximity to the airport is a problem for the residential section of the project
  • The residential section is not intended to be affordable.
  • The project’s “sportsbook” may be dangerous for the impressionable youth of Arizona State University, located near the development.
  • Increased traffic around airport not desirable

En Rafale

– Remparts victory.

– Adam Silver expects the worst for Ja Morant’s discipline.

– Whew.

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