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Three potential destinations for Pierre-Luc Dubois (according to a Winnipeg journalist)

We rarely talk about Pierre-Luc Dubois without mentioning his potential desire to come and play in Montreal. After all, it’s rare to see such a persistent rumor, and that’s what’s so confusing about the whole thing.

Experts and journalists all over the NHL have been saying it openly for months now. Dubois with the Habs is only a matter of time. However, it’s the contractual situation of the main interested party that’s shuffling the cards at the moment.

The player will be a free agent this summer, but the Jets still have control over him until the summer of 2024. At that point, Dubois will become an uncompensated independent player, which is why many would like Kent Hughes to wait until then before bringing him to town.

Why? Because he won’t cost any assets via a trade or hostile bid.

But, no. If Hughes really wants him, he shouldn’t wait, because chances are Dubois will fall in love with his new city if he doesn’t play in Winnipeg next year.

All these points have been made in the past. In a piece by Murat Ates, The Athletic’s reporter covering the Jets, we read that the Jets will have to seriously start thinking about their plan with Dubois… And, should he leave, Ates raised a few potential destinations.

Obviously, Montreal tops the list.

I tend to think that Montreal – said to be his ideal home – and other eastern metropolises like New York are at the top for his long-term services. I suppose Los Angeles fits in with some of the priorities I’ve guessed, even if it would be further from home (speaking of Montreal). – Murat Ates

We’re really getting to know the situation inside out.

The problem? As time goes by, the rumors about him start to intensify. We’ve long been told that all he wants is to play for the Montreal Canadiens.

In fact, it’s been a very long time.

But I have a feeling that our questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

The fact is, Pierre-Luc Dubois won’t be signing a long-term contract with the Jets. It’s not impossible… But it’s like almost impossible.

He wants to be able to test the autonomous player market in the summer of 2024, which is why we expect to see him sign a one-year contract this summer. Whether in Winnipeg or elsewhere.

Unless the Habs make him a hostile offer, which would also be surprising.

Remember, too, that if he signs in Winnipeg, the Jets won’t be able to trade him for the space of a year, and they’ll lose him for absolutely nothing next year.

In gusto

– Happy drafting!

– Still.

– He’s a beauty.

– Let’s see.

– It’ll be good.

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