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Marc Bergevin’s name circulates in Calgary
Credit: This man was still the Habs' GM when Gallagher scored his most recent goal.
As we all know, Marc Bergevin is a candidate to find himself a job as GM in the NHL. The former Canadiens boss, now an assistant in Los Angeles, has been on hold since November 2021.

I don’t know how actively he’s looking, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t keeping an eye on the NHL.

After all, after getting out of the Montreal jungle, he may have the necessary hindsight and rest to relaunch himself.

As you know, the first place that comes to mind when the time comes to replace him is Pittsburgh. The man who has a good relationship with Mario Lemieux is often mentioned in this connection.

But is that the only possible destination in his case? Not necessarily, no.

As Elliotte Friedman mentions on his podcast, some of the people circling the Calgary Flames’ available position have heard Marc Bergevin’s name.

Let’s not forget that the Flames have been cleaning house recently, and the club is looking for a GM and a coach. Could Bergevin be the right man for the job in Alberta?

Because the club is possibly looking for a way to repair the damage on the fly, I figure there’s a good chance a guy like Bergevin could fill the demands of the bosses there.

But would returning to a Canadian market hold him back? The pressure is different, after all.

It’s worth noting that, at the moment, several names are circulating. Both internal and external names are being considered, and I really wonder in which direction the Flames will decide to go.

Kyle Dubas’ name has never been publicly circulated in Calgary. A move to Pittsburgh seems more likely, should he change address this summer.

But hey. If Calgary and Pittsburgh don’t choose Bergevin, will he be coveted elsewhere? Stay tuned.

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