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32 Thoughts: Patrick Roy’s name linked to the Blue Jackets

At the moment, Patrick Roy’s name is circulating a lot in the NHL. He has been linked to the Senators and Rangers, among others.

This has been the case for a few years now (especially with the Habs and their agent), but this year, it seems to be on another level. We’re seeing a lot of his name being bandied about.

The main interested party knows that sometimes there’s smoke without fire, but hey.

All that to say, it looks like the man who’s three wins away from a QMJHL title and a Memorial Cup berth may get his chance in the NHL in 2023, 10 years after he got the job in Colorado.

10 years ago, we suspected that it would be either the Canadiens or the Avalanche who would give him his chance, but right now, we know that neither organization is going to give him the nod.

That’s why the Sens and Rangers are circulating. Other names are also circulating in New York, of course…

But the question is, how willing is he to accept just about anything?

Does he want to come back to the NHL to the point, for example, of accepting a position in Columbus? Would he only want to come back with a team that can win quickly?

Would he say no to a small market?

I named Columbus, and it’s no coincidence. In fact, on today’s episode of 32 Thoughts, Jeff Marek raised the possibility of the former goaltender taking control in Ohio.

Note that this is not a rumor. He’s just a well-connected guy who’s thinking about the fact that he’s got the tour with the young guys and that the Blue Jackets aren’t old.

But if he’s doing it, it’s because his name is fashionable.

Let’s add that, according to Elliotte Friedman, Patrick Roy is probably burning with the desire to return to the NHL. This confirms what has been said about him for some time now.

To be continued.

In gusto

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