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Kyle Dubas: If he’s not coming back to Toronto, he wants a break from field hockey

Kyle Dubas’s future in Toronto seems more uncertain than ever.

I wouldn’t be saying the same thing if, as of today, the Leafs hadn’t been eliminated from the playoffs… But hey. That’s what it’s all about, as the saying goes.

The Leafs’ contract expires in a few weeks, and the organization will have to make some important decisions. Either they decide to give him another vote of confidence, or they decide to let him go elsewhere.

Personally, I’m leaning more towards the first option. I’ve said it many times and I’ll keep saying it: it’s not his fault that the Leafs’ star players didn’t answer the call against the Panthers. Unfortunately, he can’t go out and score the important goals even if he wanted to.

In Toronto today, it was time for the season review. Naturally, Dubas was asked about his plans for the future, and the answer he gave was very interesting.

Basically, if he doesn’t return to the Leafs, Dubas wants to take a break from field hockey. He confessed that the last few months have been difficult for him and his family, which is a bit normal when you think of all the media pressure in a market like Toronto.

The idea of him landing with the Penguins (or elsewhere in the NHL) must therefore be “put on pause”.

Kyle Dubas is well aware of his club’s disappointing five-game elimination at the hands of the Panthers.

That’s why he’s made no secret of the fact that if he does return as GM of the Leafs, he’s not closing the door on trading one of his big pieces this summer.

He’s open to making huge changes to the lineup… And he used the Matthew Tkachuk trade to Florida as an example.

I like that.

Obviously, the first name that comes to mind for obvious reasons is Auston Matthews.

The contract, the value… The American could become a very nice bargaining chip for Dubas, and it’s 399% certain that every team will be calling if Mathews is available to the various NHL GMs.

At least, those who aren’t interested are asleep at the switch.

All this to say that there will definitely be changes within the organization in the coming months. If Dubas returns, we can truly expect to see one of the four star forwards leave for other climes…

And the same applies if the organization decides to move forward with a new general manager.

It all sounds very exciting. To say the least.

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