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Daniel Brière and the Flyers hold Juraj Slafkovsky in high esteem

The Montreal Canadiens’ selection of Juraj Slafkovsky at the top of the last draft caused quite a stir on the field hockey planet.

It was an important decision in the (unofficial) rebuilding of the CH, and it took a lot of audacity to announce such a controversial decision in front of its fans.

Even today, this controversial selection is still the subject of much talk and ink.

In fact, many fans and field hockey analysts still believe that Slafkovsky wasn’t the right choice, and that a better choice would have been Shane Wright or Logan Cooley.

However, there are also those who like Slafkovsky a lot and who believed in him a lot at the last draft.

One of those people is the new general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, Daniel Brière.

On Friday night’s JiC show, Brière stated that the Flyers hold Juraj Slafkovsky in high esteem with a view to the 2022 draft.

According to Brière during his interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie, the Flyers had Slafkovsky very high on their list too.

Without saying word for word that they had Slafkovsky at number one on their list, it can be implied that the young Slovak would have been the Flyers’ choice had he still been available at number five.

In the end, the Flyers selected Cutter Gauthier, a 6-foot-2, 189-pound young American winger with a rugged, physical style of play similar to that of Juraj Slafkovsky.

Like Slafkovsky, Gauthier is a big, talented winger capable of both scoring big goals and getting physically involved.

Brière said in the same interview that the Flyers were very happy with their selection, and that they really liked Gauthier’s progression.

In short, it’s good to hear something positive about Slafkovsky from time to time, given that his difficult first (shortened) NHL season earned him a lot of criticism and negative comments.

Let’s give the big Slovak some time to show us what he can do. He’s only 19, after all.

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