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Connor Bedard’s absence from the World Championship is the talk of the town

2-0. That’s Canada’s record at the World Championship.

The Canadians crushed Latvia 6-0 in their curtain-raiser, then this afternoon disposed of the Slovenians. And they accomplished this feat without Connor Bedard. The youngster decided not to take part in the tournament, and with good reason.

What does he have to prove?

The guy will be drafted first overall on June 28, whether he’s in uniform for Canada or not.

On the other hand, his absence is the talk of the town. Tony Marinaro and Jean-Charles Lajoie discussed the matter.

On TVA Sports, JiC didn’t understand the striker’s decision. The host argued that Adam Fantilli, the next second overall pick in the 2023 auction, is at the tournament, him.

But Tony Marinaro reminded his partner that the young Canadian sensation has nothing to prove.

When you go on vacation at the end of June, are you going to come and work here? He wants to rest like everyone else. – Tony Marinaro

The chances of a major injury are slim – though it does happen – but I imagine the main man doesn’t want to take any chances. In 2022-2023, Bedard played 71 games, including the WHL playoffs and the World Junior Championship. He therefore has every right to rest a little. He wants to be ready for Blackhawks training camp, and we don’t blame him.

Unlike Marinaro, Lajoie doesn’t understand the young man’s choice. In 2022-2023, all tournaments combined, Bedard collected 186 points, or about 2.6 points per game, which is absurd.

Will he be able to build on his field hockey success in the world’s best league? He has the talent to do it, but it’s the lack of good teammates that’s the problem.

In a gaggle

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