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World Championship: David Reinbacher leaves for hospital

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to David Reinbacher, an extremely talented defenseman. The Austrian is expected to be drafted in the top-12 of the draft. He’s one of, if not the best defenseman in the draft.

We have reason to believe that the CH is interested, but with his pick in the top-5 and the Panthers’ pick slipping further and further away, it’s safe to assume that Kent Hughes won’t go after him. Unless he moves up in the draft…

Today, the defenseman and his country faced the mighty Swedes. They lost 5-0. Worse still, Reinbacher left the game and even went to hospital.

Grant McCagg seems to think it was his knee that took the brunt of the blow.

The defenseman, who has 22 points in 46 games this season in Switzerland, made an offensive breakthrough and, trying to penetrate the defense, was hit hard by Rasmus Sandin.

Hope fell bizarrely to the ice, and at the start of the third period, he was not on his team’s bench. He will be reassessed later.

Obviously, this injury won’t affect his draft rank much, but this tournament was his last chance to show the many scouts on hand what he could do.

So we hope his tournament isn’t over, but it doesn’t look good…

According to Tankathon’s mockdraft, Reinbacher will be drafted 14th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

One thing’s for sure, McCagg is very impressed with the young man. In his series of tweets, the former CH scout said he’s very confident when he joins the attack, in particular.

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