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Remparts fill arena as full as Panthers

Quebec City hasn’t had the good field hockey it’s had in quite some time. Let’s have some fun with some interesting facts!

Remparts vs. Panthers

In the first game of the QMJHL President’s Cup Final, the Quebec Remparts drew as many fans as the Florida Panthers did in Game #6 of their first-round series against the Bruins.

In Quebec City, the Remparts sold over 100% of their tickets (18,250, not including standing room only) – while the Panthers filled up to 98.23% of their capacity, or 18,911 people.

The Panthers game took place on a Friday, and the Remparts game will be played tonight (also on a Friday).

Downside: the importance differs – even if game #6 is more important than game #1, we’re comparing the final to the first round.

Downside: we’re comparing junior field hockey to the NHL.

And while field hockey works in Florida, how many of the fans there are Bruins/Leafs fans.

Remparts vs. Coyotes

The Remparts have sold over 36,000 tickets in 24 hours, for the first two games of the final.

In 41 regular-season games, the Arizona Coyotes sold… five times as many tickets. The Remparts have therefore sold the equivalent of 20% of all tickets sold in Arizona this season, and will be aiming for 40% if they host four games at Centre Vidéotron in the final.

The statistic is inflated by the Coyotes’ current situation… But that’s just it. Still, we agree that it’s pretty crazy, and somewhat embarrassing.

And in the regular season, the Remparts’ average of 9,700 fans is still twice that of the Coyotes, at 4,600.

Remparts against the NHL

The Remparts’ full capacity of 18,250, if sold, equals better than seven NHL teams in the current playoffs. The Jets (15,324 average) and Devils (16,514) were the two worst of the 2023 series.

Interestingly, with an average attendance of 18,347, the Edmonton Oilers haven’t filled Rogers Place to capacity (98.4%) since the start of the playoffs.

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