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The City of Trois-Rivières puts the Lions on notice

Everything seems to be going wrong for the Trois-Rivières Lions. There was a recent rumour that the team was for sale. This time, it’s much worse. The City of Trois-Rivières has reportedly sent a formal notice to the Lions.

This is according to Le Nouvelliste journalist Paule Vermot-Desroches.

The problem is that the Lions’ owners, Deacon Sports and Entertainment (DSE), have accumulated too many debts to the City of Trois-Rivières. In fact, the unpaid bill is close to $600,000.

The entire debt was accumulated over the past year. There were no payment problems during the Lions’ first season in 2021-22.

DSE must pay rent of $435,000 per year to use the facilities at the Colisée Vidéotron in Trois-Rivières. The team must also send a certain percentage of ticket sales to the city.

François Vaillancourt, Director General of the City of Trois-Rivières, explained that there had been numerous discussions between the DSE group and the City, but that no agreement had been reached, so the formal notice had to be sent.

The City had promised to try to install stage lighting for shows during the first five years of the contract. The DSE group is trying to make its money back by hosting shows, and having this lighting would help attract more customers.

It should be noted that the City has never been aware of the possible sale of the Lions. Should a new owner acquire the team, the lease on the Colisée Vidéotron and the tickets cannot be transferred without the agreement of the City of Trois-Rivières.

It doesn’t look good for Trois-Rivières. Here’s hoping the Lions don’t have to move so soon.

In brief

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– A little trick against the opposition.

– Nice move by the Remparts player.

– The Remparts have the support of the rockers.

– The Alouettes are off to a good start.

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