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Ryan Reynolds’ group will not acquire the Senators

Ryan Reynolds’ buying group is now reportedly no longer in the running to buy the Ottawa Senators. This was reported by ESPN’s Emily Kaplan on Thursday afternoon.

This is quite surprising, because TSN’s Bruce Garrioch reported a few days ago that the Remington Group, which includes Ryan Reynolds, was preparing an offer of over $1 billion.

Reynolds’ group doesn’t appear to have pursued the purchase because the Senators didn’t give him exclusive rights to negotiate. Indeed, Snoop Dogg and Neko Sparks’ band, as well as The Weeknd with Jeffrey and Michael Kimel’s band, have all joined the race for the Sens in recent days.

In fact, Reynolds had requested exclusivity in the negotiations so that he could take the time to negotiate with the bank and the City of Ottawa for a new land deal or renovations to the Canadian Tire Centre. The request was refused by the Senators, and Reynolds and his group withdrew.

This is bad news for the NHL. Ryan Reynolds is one of the world’s biggest celebrities and would certainly have brought a lot of popularity to the league. As a simple comparison: the NHL’s Instagram account has 6 million followers, compared to Reynolds’ 49 million.

Fortunately for the league, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t the only celebrity in the running. Snoop Dogg and The Weeknd can certainly bring a lot of attention to the Senators.

The Senators are valued at $800 million according to Forbes magazine. Groups have until May 15 to submit their final bids. So we’ll know who the next Senators owners will be in the coming months.


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