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Matvei Michkov could stay in Russia until 2028
The Canadiens will select in the fifth round of the next NHL amateur draft. Of all the players available, if we look at talent alone, Matvei Michkov should be the appropriate choice. However, a source familiar with the field hockey world in Russia confirmed to TVA Sports that the wait to see Michkov establish himself in the NHL could be longer than expected.

When I say longer than expected, I don’t mean 2-3 years, I mean 5! TVA Sports’ Nicolas Cloutier spoke to this spy, who confirmed that there is a way for Michkov’s current team, SKA St. Petersburg, to keep him in Russia until 2028.

SKA’s strategy would be blackmail. Michkov’s contract technically ends after the 2025-26 KHL season. As the informant explains, SKA is the kind of team that would use blackmail to keep its player in place even longer.

The techniques used would be to give him a huge sum of money he couldn’t refuse, or threaten not to play him for the entire 2025-26 season if he didn’t want to extend his contract.

The spy confirmed to Nicolas Cloutier that there will be no violence to keep Mishkov in Russia. He explained that the death of the player’s father had taken on far too intense proportions only because he was a native of Russia and that his death was of natural causes, which had been verified three times.

In another tweet, Nicolas Cloutier confirmed the idea that the player could stay in Russia until 2028.

Even worse: according to the tipster, Michkov could slip and be selected between 8th and 11th. That’s a long way to go for someone who was top-3 not so long ago.

But there’s no need to worry. Kirill Kaprizov arrived in the NHL at the age of 23 after 6 seasons in the KHL. The same goes for Artemi Panarin, who also arrived in the NHL at the same age. Despite this, both players are enjoying excellent careers in North America.

Mishkov will end up playing in the NHL, and he’ll certainly be an incredibly talented player. It remains to be seen which general manager will be patient enough to select him.

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