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Tomas Tatar avoids suspension despite dangerous baton charge

The Devils have been exciting to watch since the start of the playoffs. At least, when things work out, they’re great to watch.

The New Jersey team put on quite a show yesterday. They crushed their opponents 8-4 in an offensive festival…

But that’s not all the game was about. A little less than 24 hours after the end of the match, it’s Tomas Tatar’s shot that continues to be the talk of the town.

Wonder what I’m talking about?

Basically, the former CH player got angry at Sebastian Aho for giving him a double-check on the back. The result?

Tatar retaliated with a vicious clubbing blow to the Hurricanes player’s head. Here’s the sequence:

Of course, you’ll understand that these gestures have no place on the ice. In fact…

That’s what I told myself after watching the replay, but the NHL doesn’t seem to think like I do.

The league announced in the last few minutes that the Slovak was not going to be suspended for his gesture and is instead subject to a very lucrative $5,000 fine.

As if $5,000 is going to change anything in his life… Honestly.

I understand that this is the highest amount possible according to the collective agreement, but in reality, it’s a little ridiculous when you consider that these guys earn millions of dollars.

And when I see actions like this go unpunished, it frustrates me because the NHL is sending the wrong message.

But hey. Complaining today isn’t going to change the rules for the Department of Player Safety, unfortunately.

In gusto

– It’s so well deserved.

– Well said.

Ah well !

– A question of knowing a little more about the next first NHL pick.

– Of note.

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