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The idea of Auston Matthews being traded this summer is becoming popular

Auston Matthews’ future in Toronto seems more uncertain than ever.

The man who has been blamed for the Leafs’ recent failures will play the final year of a five-year contract next season, which he signed in February 2019.

Right now, many are wondering what the Leafs should do with him, because they can’t afford the luxury of losing him for nothing next summer, when he’ll be an uncompensated free agent.

Basically, the Leafs have two choices on the table right now. They can trade him… Or, they can decide to make him a long-term offer to stay in Toronto.

The first option seems the most logical. After all, there’s nothing to say that he wants to spend several more years in a Leaf uniform…

And that’s even truer when you look at his body language. Sometimes, he really looks like a guy who can’t wait to take the next step.

The Leafs will have to make a decision pretty quickly, because on July 1, a no-movement clause kicks in for the final year of his contract.

All this to say that the idea of him being traded this summer is becoming popular. In fact, it was one of the topics of discussion on the most recent episode of the “La Dose” podcast earlier today…

And, if you have 30 seconds to spare, type “Auston Matthews trade” in the search bar on Twitter. The bottom line is that the Leafs may have no choice but to trade him before they see him leave on the free-agent market.

The idea makes sense.

After all, the Leafs could go for the big money in return for the star player and the player who, let’s not forget, scored 60 goals in 2021-2022.

It would also give the Leafs an opportunity to get a “fresh start”. In fact, they’ve never been able to win with Matthews on their roster…

And maybe it’s time to think about something else. He’s brought proud service to the Leafs organization since being selected first overall in the 2016 draft, but he’s not capable of taking the team to the next level when the time comes to do so .

I really feel like if the team loses on Wednesday and gets swept against the Panthers, there’s going to be a lot of changes in town. Kyle Dubas could be on his way out…

And the same could apply to Auston Matthews. It’ll be interesting to watch.

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