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Lottery: Kevin Weekes spills the beans in the middle of a broadcast

It’s been just over an hour since we learned that the Chicago Blackhawks have won the draft lottery, allowing them to draft Connor Bedard with the top pick.

The CH will select him fifth overall.

Once again this year, the NHL organized a television production for the occasion. Bill Daly was on hand to turn over the boxes and the show was produced by NHL Network, while Kevin Weekes was the evening’s host.

However, during the presentation of the lottery, we were treated to a rather unusual moment. After revealing that the Sharks had received the fourth pick in the draft, the NHL scheduled a short pause to let the tension build before announcing the top-3.

That said, Weekes clearly didn’t get the memo, as he announced that the Blue Jackets had dropped to third, even before Daly had turned over the card.

That’s all it took for some Internet users to call it a trick.

On the other hand, the explanation is probably much more logical: remember that the lottery is held in a room a few hours before the televised presentation.

Our colleague JB Gagné had a good piece on the subject earlier in the evening.

So, the most likely scenario is that, in reality, Weekes had access to the list during the presentation and simply forgot that there was a small break before the top-3 was announced.

It’s a good thing he didn’t let the cat out of the bag, otherwise he could have ruined the Blackhawks’ moment of glory (although he did break the hearts of Blue Jackets fans a little quicker than expected).

In short, a rather strange moment during the lottery presentation, but let’s just say that the explanation for the trick doesn’t really hold water. Weekes’ simple mistake makes infinitely more sense.

In bursts

– That’s right.


– Why not wait until the beginning of the second round, when the CH will have a high pick (the 37th, to be precise)?

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