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Kent Hughes doesn’t rule out trading his fifth pick

It was lottery night in the NHL tonight, as the 16 teams that didn’t make the playoffs found out where they would be selected in the next draft.

In the end, it was the Blackhawks who got the very first pick (and, by the same token, the right to select Connor Bedard). For the CH, the club didn’t go up, but at least it didn’t go down: Kent Hughes will be the fifth to reach the podium.

Or maybe not…

After the lottery, the Habs CEO took time to answer questions from the media. In particular, he was asked if he would consider trading the fifth pick.

He opened the door, but said it wasn’t likely.

Hughes is obviously trying to hide his game by saying he’s open to anything, so as not to give his counterparts any idea of his strategy. But in reality, he expects to draft fifth on June 28.

But everything has a price in life, and if a team forces his hand, he’ll consider the offer.

Of course, the fact that the club is drafting fifth means that it will have to consider the case of Matvei Michkov. Hughes made no secret of the fact: the situation is not straightforward, and there are questions to be asked.

He even went so far as to speak of “fear” in the matter. The Tricolore GM doesn’t sound like someone who really wants to put his foot down, even though he says he’ll do his homework.

In short, it’s something to keep an eye on, but at least the CH now knows where it stands. All that remains to be seen is what the club will do with its choice, and we’ll have to wait a little less than two months before we have the answer to that question.

In bursts

– Speaking of Michkov.

– That’s right.

– Ouch.

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