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Wes McCauley’s family received death threats in the first round
The story of an alleged conflict of interest between referee Wes McCauley and Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe continues to unfold.

In 2004, Keefe was part of a legal case against David Frost, his former coach and agent, accused of sexual abuse. 12 charges of sexual exploitation were filed against Frost, who spent $200,000 on a lawyer before being found not guilty. Keefe’s former teammate, Michael Danton, was arrested by the FBI for attempting to hire a hit man to eliminate Frost.

David Frost, now Jim McCauley, is Wes’ brother-in-law.

Maple Leafs fans are crying conflict of interest. Rightly or wrongly, it’s up to you. Of course, there are limits to criticism, and several fans have crossed the line quite obviously.

According to a recent article in the Toronto Star, Wes McCauley and his family received death threats after Game #1 of the Leafs-Lightning first-round series.

At that point, the Leafs had lost their previous eight playoff games refereed by Wes McCauley.

Sheldon Keefe addressed the situation today at a press briefing, when a reporter asked if there was indeed a conflict between the two men.

“The referees have no impact on the game. It’s not my focus. Wes has treated me like a professional in this league and I appreciate that very much.”

That doesn’t really answer the question, and that’s his right.

Nevertheless, many would argue that it’s not true that officials don’t affect games. Penalties have an impact on momentum, whether positive or negative, and playoff officiating, where we’re more permissive, is certainly an issue to consider.

Anyway… Wes McCauley will referee tonight’s game. In your opinion, should the league remedy this situation?

In a gust

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– The most important game in the modern history of the Maple Leafs?

– That’s right.

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