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Carey Price puts his Candiac home up for sale
We learned over the holidays that Carey Price and his family would be moving out West to live full time. Angela had indicated, in a Q&A on Instagram, that they were likely to set the process in motion this summer.

This morning, a quick tour of Centris revealed the Price family’s Candiac home.

After buying it in 2010 for $800,000, the former Canadiens goaltender is putting the property up for sale for another $1 million, for a total of $1,800,000.

The city values the land at $422,300 and the building at $623,700, for a total of $1,046,000.

The Price family home, obviously very large and beautiful, remains modest inside. With 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a relatively simple style(ideal for an Instagram mom), the cabin isn’t very extravagant.

(Credit: Centris)
Master bedroom
(Credit: Centris)
Living room
(Credit: Centris)

Probably the two most interesting features of the house are the home theater in the basement, with its large couch, and the sauna room.

Home theater
(Credit: Centris)
(Credit: Centris)

The house has two garages, a large driveway and a large backyard. The in-ground (and heated) saltwater pool is fenced in and separated from the rest of the yard, for a lot that totals 9800 square feet.

(Credit: Centris)
(Credit: Centris)
(Credit: Centris)
(Credit: Centris)

Here’s a description of every room in the residence.


After all, Carey Price is a man of wood. It’s no surprise to see him returning home, where he can hunt and have peace in the forest. In fact, in this shot of the Price home under renovation in Kelowna, you can see quite a few trees in the background. As much as Carey and Angela’s family stayed there.

(Credit: Angela Price)

It’s worth noting that a player on the long-term injured list who sells his home in the city where his team plays is still quite unusual. But this isn’t the last of the nonsense about ways to get around the LTIR.

We wish Carey the best of luck in his semi-retirement, and a safe journey home to British Columbia.

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