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Connor McDavid: Leon Draisaitl is “often” the best player in the world

With his two goals in last night’s convincing Oilers victory, Leon Draisaitl took his total to 13 goals in just 8 games of the current playoffs. He equalled the all-time series record set in 2022, and came within 6 goals of the all-time record.

In fact, the German is the favorite to win the Conn-Smythe Trophy as of today… and with good reason.

Although Connor McDavid has 15 points in 8 games, including 5 goals, you can tell the Oilers are carried away by his teammate.

Asked about Draisaitl’s performance yesterday, McDavid was full of praise.

“He’s playing at another level. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised at this point. There are many nights when he’s the best player in the world.”

It’s funny, though, because when he says that he’s “often” the best player in the world, he’s implying quite directly that he holds that title under normal circumstances.

In other words, the man who is considered the best player in the world is telling his team-mate that he is sometimes the best player in the world.

Nevertheless, he’s not wrong, and it’s nice that Draisaitl is getting the recognition he deserves from his teammate, the one who is probably best placed to assess his impact with the club.

In the second game of his second-round series, Draisaitl found himself just six goals shy of the all-time record. If the Oilers were to reach the Stanley Cup Final, Edmonton would have to play between 11 and 19 more games. If that’s the case, it would be extremely surprising if the Oilers striker didn’t break – or even shatter – the record.

Of course, it all depends on how the Oilers do… which so far depends on Leon Draisaitl’s production.

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