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Golden Knights to broadcast games for free next season
Television rights partnerships have always been a big part of the sports world, and field hockey is no exception.

Sports broadcasting rights are very costly, but above all always very complicated for a channel to obtain.

We know this from TVA Sports, for example, which managed to secure a partnership with the NHL for several games, including Saturday night games and the Montreal Canadiens playoffs, but has been in deficit since the agreement began.

These broadcasting rights partnerships are even bigger and more complex in the United States.

It’s a completely different game, even for field hockey, which isn’t necessarily popular south of the border.

Partnerships are important, and they cost all the more.

However, earlier this week, the Vegas Golden Knights announced a new television rights agreement that is truly out of the ordinary.

In partnership with Scripps Sports, the Golden Knights will broadcast their games free of charge to Nevada residents starting next season.

This is a huge initiative on the part of the Golden Knights, as it makes a complete change compared to the television rights of other sports teams.

It should also be noted that this agreement also allows residents of the states of Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming to watch Golden Knights games free of charge.

It’s an initiative that could very well influence what happens next for other NHL teams, if at all.

This could really hurt TV channels like RDS and TVA Sports.

They’ll have to adjust, and in the case of TVA Sports, the current deficit would make this change virtually impossible.

So it’s an issue to keep an eye on for the coming seasons.

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