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NHL favouritism towards the Panthers: Game 3 should have been tonight
The Florida Panthers have been taking everyone by surprise ever since they entered the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Indeed, almost no one saw this team, which made the playoffs by the skin of its teeth in the closing days of the regular season, managing to do some damage in the playoffs.

Well, here we are, with the Panthers in full control of their second-round series after eliminating the regular-season champions, the Boston Bruins.

Paul Maurice’s team really seemed to take off in Game 5 of the series against the Bruins, considering that since then, it’s been five straight wins in nine days for the Panthers.

The Panthers were expected to be tired for the first two games in Toronto against the Leafs, but Florida leads the series 2-0 after playing two games in Toronto.

The series is far from over, however, as we head to Sunrise for games 3 and 4, with game 3 taking place tonight… ah no it’s tomorrow on a Sunday night????

(Credit: Google/NHL)

Weird situation, isn’t it?

Indeed, it’s pretty special to leave two days between game number 2 and game number 3, especially by skipping a Saturday night, a sacred field hockey event in Canada, especially for the Leafs and the Habs.

It’s even more bizarre when you realize that game number 3 was originally scheduled for tonight, Saturday May 6.

However, as reported by Renaud Lavoie yesterday morning during his “Passeport LNH” segment on BPM Sports with Jean-Charles Lajoie, the Panthers pushed hard with the NHL to move the game to Sunday night.


Because of today’s Miami Heat game?

No, not at all, because that game takes place at 3pm.

So that’s not a valid or logical reason.

Heat fans clearly weren’t going to drive 50 kilometers from Miami to Sunrise to get to the Panthers game after the Heat game.

This basketball game is therefore not a valid excuse for moving the game.

One wonders whether there is a valid reason for this, or whether it’s simply favoritism on the part of the NHL towards the clearly tired Florida Panthers.

As you can see, of course, the Toronto media have raised this schedule change with great suspicion.

This break is unnecessary and the Panthers have pushed to move this game for no clear reason other than potentially wanting to rest their players.

You might be thinking that this could ultimately hurt the Panthers, considering they have incredible momentum right now, but no.

But no. Why?

Because those five games in nine nights clearly wore out the Panthers’ players, and it showed especially in Game 2 of the series.

The Panthers weren’t lucky, but let’s just say they had to work hard to get the win, and their goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky was a big help.

The longer-than-expected break between Games 2 and 3 is clearly having a positive impact on one team: the Florida Panthers.

While the Leafs and their management marinate in their bad moods and worries, the Panthers will rest peacefully.

Even Paul Maurice will be resting.

In short, not only is this barely concealed NHL favoritism towards the Panthers, it’s also a lack of respect for Canadian broadcasters.

There will be no “Hockey Night in Canada” for Leafs fans.

Yes, there’s the Oilers game tonight, but Edmonton is nowhere near Toronto in terms of the field hockey market.

The NHL likes to lean towards American broadcasters, because Canada is a foregone conclusion.

But shouldn’t the NHL be rewarding loyal Canadian broadcasters and listeners?

It’s a tough league, according to Renaud Lavoie and JiC, especially considering that an Oilers game has already been moved from Friday to Saturday.

“A perpetual circus.” – Jean-Charles Lajoie on the NHL

In short, let’s see what impact this schedule change will have for both teams.

It’s also worth noting that game number 4 won’t take place on Tuesday, as would normally be the case, but on Wednesday.

Another longer-than-normal break between two games.

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