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They always wear the other team’s jerseys at Maple Leafs games

You’ve probably seen those fans who always wear the opponent’s jersey when they go to a Maple Leafs game. Right now, they’re the talk of the town.

Dani and Ervil Di Giusto have been spotted wearing Lightning and Panthers jerseys, respectively, over the past few days.

Once attention was drawn to them, the Internet did its job. After all, it was realized that the pair consistently wore jerseys of the Maple Leafs’ opponents.

Photos of the two surfaced, and clearly, they were always wearing visiting team jerseys.

Why is this the case? Is it because they hate the Toronto Maple Leafs so much, or because they really want to be seen in the arena and have insults shouted at them?

In fact, it’s mainly to pay tribute to the Canadiens, their true club.

This father from Toronto, who has never lived in Quebec, supports the CH and has converted his daughter. Since they can’t logically attend every game at the Bell Centre, they have season tickets for the Maple Leafs.

And they always cheer on the opposition.

Before each game, they’ll buy a jersey from the opposing team, which allows them to cheer on the Habs by cheering on the other team every night.

And since the Maple Leafs fans in the arena aren’t the most intense, it works out well for them.

This is the first year the asolescent has followed her father to the games, so her jersey collection is growing. Next year, she probably won’t have to buy a sweater every night, then.

The father-daughter bond is strong between the two… and it’s built on a foundation of hatred for the Leafs and love for the Habs. What more could you ask for?

In a gust

– Speaking of the Leafs.

– In my eyes, it wouldn’t be a shortcut because of their age.

– A machine.

– The Remparts really do have a big club.

– Yes.

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