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Patrick Roy: Michel Bergeron believes the Senators should hire him

Patrick Roy has already mentioned that this will be his last season behind the Quebec Remparts bench. One thing’s for sure: he’s making sure he leaves his mark on the 2022-2023 season.

His team finished first in the QMJHL regular season and has yet to lose in the playoffs. William Rousseau, the team’s goaltender, has a lot to do with it.

Québec has just swept Gatineau in the semi-finals and is patiently awaiting the winner of the Halifax-Sherbrooke duel.

It didn’t take much for Roy’s name to be mentioned for a possible coaching position in the NHL. One thing’s for sure, Michel Bergeron wouldn’t object.

During his Sans Filet column this evening, he mentioned that if he were the Senators’ general manager, he would call Roy to at least discuss the possibility of bringing him to Montreal.

He’s already salivating at the idea of a Montreal-Ottawa rivalry in the coming seasons. And it could happen, knowing Roy’s temper.

Before that, the subject of your character was brought up with Bergeron, who doesn’t think it’s a problem since he brings something essential to the table wherever he goes.

“(…) Yes, Patrick is a hothead and he scares some GMs. But at the end of the day, what do you want? To win!” – Michel Bergeron

There are two interesting elements to add to this possibility raised by Bergeron.

In 2019, rumours circulated that Roy himself had contacted the Senators to offer his services.

What’s more, our spies tell us that Pierre Dorion attended at least one of the two games in Gatineau earlier this week. We don’t know if a discussion took place with Roy, but one thing’s for sure: this issue is far from over.

In bursts

– He really wasn’t in good condition.

– What a turnaround!

– Bad start for the Leafs.


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