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Intense spat between Chris Drury and Gerard Gallant in the middle of a series

The Rangers didn’t make the playoffs they’d hoped for. After acquiring Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko, New York folded before the New Jersey Devis in seven games.

The last game was a one-way affair, and for most of the match, Gerard Gallant’s team showed no signs of cohesion.

This situation created a great deal of frustration, which reportedly spread all the way to the Rangers staff. According to The Athletic’s Arthur Staple, the tone was raised between the head coach and general manager Chris Drury after Game 4 of the series.

After taking a 2-0 lead, the Rangers lost the next three games, including Game 4. The altercation between the two men was reportedly quite “heated”.

Drury made some good acquisitions, perhaps too good. Kane and Tarasenko demanded a lot of quality playing time, which prevented other players from stepping up to the plate.

One also wonders whether the acquisitions hurt the team spirit. The Rangers already had a good team at the trade deadline, wouldn’t it have been better to fill the holes with role/support players.

In any case, Gallant refused to open up about a possible dismissal, unable to believe that this question had been put to him by journalists.

According to reports, the general manager is not considering a change of coach, at least for the time being. Darryl Sutter and Peter Laviolette don’t seem attractive enough.

We’ll have to keep an eye on the Rangers in the off-season, as they’ll have to make some big decisions regarding their autonomous players, including Kane and Tarasenko.

In brief

– Has Karlsson done enough?

– No easy task!

– He’s impressive.

– Pretty crazy.

– It’s going to be a long series

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