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Connor Bedard lottery chaos: Canadian ranked first (according to DFO)
Do you ever go on Tankathon and look at the odds of each team being drafted first overall? I do once in a while, to see what effect it will have on the NHL.

Right now, 11 teams are holding their breath for the lottery, which takes place on Monday at 8pm.

(Credit: Tankathon)

We agree that if Bedard were to end up in Detroit or Columbus, there wouldn’t be much of a stir. It would be, regardless of the probabilities of the scenario, more “ordinary” for the NHL storyline .

But where would the “chaos” be greatest? In other words, what lottery result would cause a major upheaval across North America?

At Daily FaceOff, the question was asked.

And what’s interesting is that, according to Matt Larkin, it’s a Habs win that would generate the biggest waves for Connor Bedard’s arrival in town.

There are two aspects that prompted DFO to place Montreal ahead of Vancouver. And that’s even though the Canucks are less likely to win than the other 10 teams and Bedard comes from BC.

First, there’s history. The Habs, who have an 8.5% chance of winning the lottery, could add another player to match the organization’s greats of over 110 years.

But also, there’s Bedard’s importance to the current line-up of a Montreal Canadiens that will continue to take up a lot of space on the NHL landscape.

Can’t wait for the lottery. Then we’ll all know for sure what’s in store for the Habs.

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