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That moment when ESPN wasn’t ready to see the Maple Leafs in the second round

We often laugh about the Maple Leafs’ inability to get past the first round of the NHL playoffs. Until last week, it was a major storyline in the NHL.

But now, for Habs fans, it’s a different debate: should Toronto lose because it’s Toronto… or should the Panthers lose for the draft pick?

I have a feeling, on this one, that it feels a bit like it did with the Habs in the regular season.

Why is that? Because everyone knew, during the season, that the CH had to lose games for the sake of the draft… but the goals were still celebrated by the fans.

Anyway. All this to say that the Leafs’ presence in the playoffs is the talk of the town. Everyone has an opinion on the matter, and the club’s mere presence in the second round is the talk of the town.

They don ‘t even get everyone in their arena, and that’s more of a talking point than anywhere else.

That’s why, when a shell slips over the Maple Leafs, it’s a little more talked-about than when it happens to another team. Talk to ESPN…

Seeing the Lightning’s logo (which lost in the first round to Toronto) in place of the Maple Leafs’ is really something to laugh about in the Leafs’ current context.

Were they ready for the Maple Leafs to get past the first round?

Yes, to err is human, but let’s face it: some mistakes are funnier than others. And this one, in my eyes, has an extra tick on it because of the context.

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