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An Occupation Double contestant used Cole Caufield’s name to get people talking about her.

If you’re a fan of Occupation Double, the name Ally Imbeault rings a bell. She’s a contestant on the most recent edition of the popular reality show.

And recently, she’s been the talk of the town.

While the trans woman(who doesn’t consider herself a trans woman) was live-streaming on TikTok in the wee hours of the morning, she received a comment from an NHL player.

Maybe it wasn’t really a comment from an NHLer and the guy was bragging in a vacuum too. But hey.

That’s when Ally passed a comment saying that if he were really an NHL player, he wouldn’t be on his live. She added that if he were, she’d be the one at his place.

Immediately after that, she added the phrase “NHL player” to her comments.

I’d probably be at your place live.

Like the Habs player there. Cole Caufield.

OD’s@qcscoopAllyimplies he’s already seen a CH player😱♬ his original – QC SCOOP

As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward quote. And she may hide her mouth the first time, but you can clearly see that she’s talking about the #22 Canadien.

The second time, she clearly wanted us to hear what she had to say. And we can’t hear any other name than Cole Caufield.

Basically, it’s none of our business. If Caufield wants to have fun with an OD candidate, let him. But the problem is, he doesn’t.

Why isn’t he? Because the woman in question confirmed it to QC Scoop.

I said I’d spoken with someone, but I never said a name and, above all, I never actually saw him…

Yes, I’ve spoken with players in bars, but absolutely nothing more. – Ally Imbeault

Good or bad, the important thing is that we talk about it, right? That’s probably why Ally decided to use the name of a Montreal star to advertise on her arm.

Because, yes, she knew exactly what she was doing when she did a cheap shot like that. It’s not done when there’s no basis for it – and she admitted as much herself, saying she’d never seen it.

In bursts

– Indeed.

– Can’t wait to see if he buys the Sens.

– Good thing Yanni Gourde is here. [BPM Sports]

– Happy reading.

– Already.

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