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Patrice Bergeron to decide soon whether to play next year

As you know, Patrice Bergeron was once again the captain the Bruins needed this season. He gave his all on the ice (despite a herniated disc) and, even if it wasn’t enough, he guided the Bruins as best he could.

At this time last year, it was unclear whether he would return to the game or not. He finally chose, after a period of reflection, to play at least one more season in Boston.

And now, the same reflection is in order.

Questioned on the subject, he said he intended to tell the Bruins in a few weeks’ time, before the free-agent market, whether or not he intended to return to the game in 2023-2024.

Because yes, as we learn in a text by Jonathan Bernier (JdeM), it’s Boston or nothing in his case. If he returns for a 20th season, it will be as captain of the Bruins.

Even if he’s linked to the CH, for example, it’s clear that whatever the role, his priority is to stay in Boston.

Obviously, having an answer before the autonomy market will help his bosses make a decision. After all, if he returns, it’s bound to affect his team’s payroll.

The discussion will take place with his family, but he’ll also have to listen to his body. After all, age is catching up with him (as it should), and he’s unlikely to want to come back if he’s not 100%.

He’ll see how he feels in the next few weeks, but it looks like the more time passes, the more I get the impression that he might be leaning towards retirement in the next few weeks. I say that partly because of his reaction after his team’s defeat. #ÀLaSheaWeber

But if he comes back for his 20th season as part of the Bruins’ centennial, his bosses won’t say no.

In gusto

– His season isn’t over.

– We agree.

– It’s fair game.

– Things are bad in New York.

– Hum…

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