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Rumor: Joel Quenneville to replace Gerard Gallant in New York

Gerard Gallant’s Rangers have lost all seven games to Lindy Ruff’s Devils, a man whose head was put on the block by New Jersey fans at the start of the season.

But now, Gallant’s may be on the line.

After his team’s surprise elimination, many people are wondering whether Gallant is the right man to manage all his players’ playing time and motivate them to go all the way.

After all, when he bounces back in the playoffs, it’s with another team…

Gallant is the first to admit that the club shouldn’t rely solely on his talent. After all, no one questioned that the club had absolutely insane talent.

But it takes more than that.

Might the Rangers want to get their hands on an experienced coach who’s already won the Stanley Cup (a few times) to try and lead the club to success?

The word on the street is that they might.

Darren Dreger tweeted this morning that Joel Quenneville had not yet been approved for a return to the NHL (he lost his job in Florida following the events of 2010 in Chicago), but that it could happen soon.

Why? Because the vacancies could be seats for him… and because his name is circulating in New York. Regardless of the location, his return to the NHL seems likely.

More coaching recycling…

Greg Wyshynski (ESPN) went one better, claiming that Quenneville’s name was bandied about throughout the Rangers’ series against the Devils. The buzz in New York is that Gallant could be on his way out.

Yes, Quenneville won nearly a decade ago. But is the man who must receive Gary Bettman’s OK the best equipped to take teams far in the playoffs?

He’s had success in the season with Florida, but not in the playoffs.

Chris Drury, the Rangers’ field hockey boss, was drafted by the Nordiques when Quenneville was with the club in Quebec City. The latter, however, never coached Drury, whether in Quebec City, Colorado or elsewhere.

Will he be interviewed? That remains to be seen.

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