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Yvon Pedneault wants the Canadiens to take an interest in Patrice Bergeron

Last year, when Patrice Bergeron was free as a bird, everyone knew he was wavering between the Bruins and retirement. There wasn’t much chance of him signing with another team.

But even though he’s from Quebec City and has played for Boston for his entire NHL career, there were still rumours linking him to the Habs last summer. Even though the CH was rebuilding (and still is) and Boston wanted to win.

Why was this? Because Kent Hughes was his agent. The two men have a great bond of trust.

Here we are a year later and Patrice Bergeron is in exactly the same situation: retirement or Bruins. That said, even if the Bruins’ centenary is next year, Bergeron could well turn the page right now.

If he decides not to play (the likely scenario, in my opinion), you have to wonder what he’ll choose to do. Do the Bruins already have a game plan for him once his career is over? The question arises.

Will he want to take time for himself (and his family) once his playing career is behind him? Who knows: we’re not there yet in his case.

But that wouldn’t stop Yvon Pedneault from giving him the eye.

According to the Journal de Montréal and TVA Sports reporter, the Habs should seriously begin discussions (internally, to begin with) to bring him into the fold, most likely on the second floor.

An organization with such an impressive history as the Tricolore should never pass up the opportunity to surround itself with people of influence. – Yvon Pedneault on Patrice Bergeron

Of course, Mr. Pedneault is the first to acknowledge that Bergeron is a member of the Boston Bruins through and through. That said, in his eyes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A Vincent Lecavalier-style role, another former Kent Hughes client, would help the CH build the culture it wants.

Be that as it may, I don’t think the Bruins captain, regardless of the role, would want to move his family to Montreal to work for the enemy. I have a feeling that if Kent Hughes made him an offer, the Bruins would get a similar one.

But the consensus is that it would be a great addition for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, who knew Bergeron briefly in Boston.

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